Choosing the Best Window Type for Your Home’s Unique Needs

01 main types of windows

Windows bring light and style to your space while complementing your home’s exterior. The right windows can completely transform your home’s look — getting the best one can influence how it feels and its resale value. With so many window options available, how do you know where to start? If you’re considering a window replacement,…

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Establishing the Perfect Timeline for Window Replacement

how often to replace your windows

While we use windows every day in our homes, it can be easy to forget they need proper maintenance and eventual replacing. Because windows come with your house, it may be challenging to know when to replace them, especially if you’re unsure of when they were initially installed. Fortunately, understanding how the life span of…

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The Hidden Dangers of DIY Window Installation

10 Dangers of DIY Window Installation

While taking on a project yourself can be a fun, rewarding task, not all home improvement jobs are suitable to do yourself. Replacing windows requires advanced skills and experience to ensure everything is installed safely and correctly. DIY window installation can lead to expensive hidden costs, improperly installed windows and other problems down the road.…

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Breaking Down the Different Parts of a Window

Parts of a Window

New windows on your home can help boost its appearance and even its value. When selecting a window, you’ll need to consider what type of window will function best in your home and what features will fit your unique needs. There are more parts and materials for windows than you might expect. Fortunately, we’ve broken…

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Preparing for the Installation of New Windows

01 preparing for the installation of new windows

Windows are an essential part of your home. They significantly impact everything from your home’s appearance to your energy bill. This is why getting house windows replaced can be a major decision and should always be done by a professional. Whether you want to give your home a new look, are upgrading to more energy-efficient windows…

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