Which Roof Color Makes a House Look Bigger?

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Your home’s exterior is a way to reflect your personal style and elevate the curb appeal of your property. Replacing a roof comes with many design considerations, including color. While larger homes may not need a shade that makes the property look bigger, you might want to create an illusion of a bigger house if you own a bungalow or Cape Cod-style home.

Curious about what colors make a house look bigger? Learn about the science of color and how you can choose the best roof color for your home.

Harness the Power of Light Colors

Looking at the science of color, colors closer to white reflect light. Colors closer to black absorb light. The fact that lighter colors reflect more light creates the illusion that the associated object is bigger. Interior designers often recommend lighter walls in small rooms because this reflection makes the room feel airier and more open.

The same rule applies to roof colors. If you’re looking for exterior colors that make your house look bigger, lighter colors, like white, pale gray and beige, will handle the job.

Houses With Black Roofs Appear Smaller

Dark colors add visual weight to a home, and using them on your roof can make your home seem smaller. The heavy visual top weight can make your house seem flat or more condensed, which may not be the preferred effect if your house is on the smaller side. Avoiding colors like charcoal grays and black can help you sidestep that extra visual weight.

While dark colors may not be the best choice for your roof, they can create a stunning accent for small features on your home. Details like windows, doors and porch railings can bring extra curb appeal to a small house, especially if you use lighter colors to contrast these elements. These darker details can help ground your house, so it has visual intrigue without being weighed down.

Tips for Choosing a Roof Color

If you have a smaller home and want the illusion of a larger one, a lighter color is likely your best option. There are plenty of light color options to consider, from white and beige to pale gray. When you’re ready to install a new roof, consider these six factors to find the most suitable color for your home. 

1. Research Homes in Your Neighborhood

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing a roof color for your home is having to picture it before committing to the installation. Even with an image in your mind, you might not feel confident about your choice.

Thankfully, your neighborhood can help you research. Look for homes near you with similar siding or colors and make a note of the roofs. Which colors stand out to you? Can you identify what colors make a house look bigger? This initial research can give you an idea about what kind of roof you want on your home.

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2. Look at Other Colors on Your House

Your roof becomes the finishing touch on your home, but if it’s not cohesive with the other exterior elements, it will look out of place. When considering roof color, think about how it will complement the other colors incorporated into your house’s exterior.

For example, if your home features a multicolored brick, a light brown or gray can pick up some of the colors in that brick to create a unified appearance. If you have darker siding, a stark white or pale gray can add striking contrast. Think about the color of your windows, too. Wooden windows with warm brown stains can tie in with a tan roof. 

3. Consider Architecture

You can use colors to highlight your home’s architecture, especially if your roof is more complex or ornate. Victorian homes, for example, can use several different colors to highlight turrets, trim and other features. Simple home designs, like ranchers and mid-century modern homes, look best with a single roof color. 

Some architectural styles have very common roofing colors. Spanish-style homes often feature lighter siding with brown roofs. These browns often lean on the brighter, redder side. 

4. Think About Climate

Color is valuable to the visual appeal of your home, but it also affects temperature. The fact that darker colors absorb more light creates a heavier visual weight, but it can also make your house warmer when it sits in the sun.

A darker roof can be a positive if you live in a climate where it snows often. With higher light absorption, these colors can help melt the snow on your roof much faster than lighter colors. For locations that deal with warmer weather more frequently, a lighter roof is a better option for your cooling bill. 

5. Use Color Blends

Asphalt shingles are a popular roofing material for many reasons, and color is one of them. While you can choose shingles in solid colors, you can also find asphalt shingles with color blends. These products feature a mix of colors that can add more depth and visual interest to your roof. 

For instance, you may prefer the look of a lighter roof because you want to make your home visually larger. Since the rest of your home also uses lighter colors, you might feel that the light roof doesn’t ground your house enough. Using a color blend with a light and dark gray can add that visual weight without creating too heavy of a look. 

6. Sidestep The Trends and Modern Roof Colors

As with every aspect of home design, roofs come with color trends. While you might be tempted to choose the bold and unique roof color that the magazines love to talk about, it’s better to opt for a classic, practical color. Roofs can go decades without replacement, and you may change your mind about that trendy color in a few years. It can also lower the resale value if it’s no longer appealing to potential buyers by the time you sell.

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