What Is the Average Cost for New Gutters in St. Louis, Missouri?

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Working gutters and downspouts are essential to protecting your home and property from water damage. Without this vital system, your roof could deteriorate, your walls could weaken and the overall integrity of your home and property could decrease.

Finding a quality gutter system is essential, but you also want to ensure you find the best fit for your home. This means considering design elements like your gutters’ style, size and material. Below, we cover everything you need to know about the cost of gutters and downspouts in St. Louis, Missouri.

What is the Cost of Gutters in St. Louis?

How much gutters cost to install in St. Loius, Missouri, will depend on multiple factors, such as style, size, material and more. On average, gutter cost per square foot in St. Louis, Missouri, is between $7 and $33, creating a sizeable overall cost range.

Many elements of your home and your stylistic choices will affect your project’s cost. For example, if you have areas on your roof that are difficult to access, you can expect labor costs to increase. Additionally, your price per square foot will increase if you have a large home and want to use intricate designs and materials.

Labor Costs to Install Gutters in St. Louis

Replacing gutters is more costly than installing a new system. The additional labor required to remove existing pieces and fix any damaged elements leads to higher costs. Although the price of the materials will likely stay the same, you can expect your overall cost to increase when you request a replacement service.

Other elements will also affect labor costs. As mentioned, certain design elements can make it more challenging for professionals to work on your home. For instance, working on a one-story home is much easier than a two-story one. Houses with many corners can also create challenges, and homes with steep roof slopes can make replacement or installation projects more difficult.

After calculating the cost to repair previous damages and your home’s unique elements, you can expect an increase in labor cost, raising your project total.

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Choosing the Right Gutters for Your Home

The cost of gutters and downspouts in St. Louis, Missouri, will largely affect what kind of gutter style you might choose. Below, we have outlined how to find the best gutter system for your house while being aware of overall costs. Each design element will affect your overall cost, so deciding which features are essential for your home can help you build a more accurate budget.


One of your first decisions is whether you want sectional or seamless gutters.

Sectional styles are more traditional and involve less labor, making them a more budget-friendly option. When you choose a sectional system, the pieces come in pre-cut lengths, and professionals will link them to the side of your home.

Typically, you will see options for 10 feet or 15 feet pieces, covering ample space with one piece. Although many homeowners opt for this style for the affordable initial cost, you may pay more to replace your system later because the links between each piece can weaken over time, causing leaks or corrosion. 

The other option you can consider is a seamless system. With this choice, you can expect to pay more upfront but have a long-lasting gutter system. Rather than linking the gutters to your roof, professionals use machinery to fold metal sheets around your home to match the perimeter’s exact dimensions. Although sectional styles allow you to choose between various materials, seamless systems typically come in steel, copper or aluminum materials.


Gutter systems come in various materials, each with benefits and drawbacks. Before deciding on the style or material, evaluate your home’s needs and whether you would prefer a long-lasting but more expensive material or a more budget-friendly option that you may need to replace more often.

Here are the materials you can choose for your system:

  • Aluminum: This lightweight material is easy to maneuver and resistant to rust. Many homeowners opt for aluminum for its low initial cost but must repair cracking or bending over time. If you are looking for a low-cost system, this is an excellent option, but expect to replace your gutters once or twice over the next several years.
  • Galvanized steel: Choosing this gutter option will offer you more durability, but it is also typically more expensive than aluminum. These systems can last longer than aluminum systems while protecting your home from heavy rainfall, but they can rust.
  • Copper: Few homeowners opt for copper gutters due to their expense, but they offer long-lasting durability. You can expect your system to hold up for decades while facing minimal issues.
  • Zinc: Zinc is likely the most expensive option you will consider. This material can last your entire lifetime with the proper care. Additionally, zinc can obscure damages like scrapes and scratches to give your home a more pleasant exterior appearance.
  • Vinyl: If you do not want to invest in metal gutters, you can opt for vinyl. This option is budget-friendly but is not highly durable. They also do not perform well in extreme environments with heavy snowfall or rain. They will also last the least amount of time compared to the other materials.


Intricate or complex designs will be more expensive than standard ones. Consider K-style or U-shaped gutters if you are looking for the most budget-friendly options. V-style and fascia gutters will raise your total cost, though they can add visual interest to your home.


You will need to expand your budget if you need custom gutter sizes. You can typically find gutters in 4, 5 or 6 feet options. The larger your custom pieces are, the more you should expect to pay. If your home has many corners or a unique design, you likely will not be able to avoid this cost, so it is important to anticipate it in your budget.

Additional Pieces

Beyond the gutters, your system requires other essential components for proper function. Your project total will rise if you need hangers, brackets, downspouts or end caps.

Furthermore, your downspouts will need additional pieces like gutter guards or splash blocks to direct water, and you may consider heat tape and flashing to protect your home from water damage and ice blocks.

These pieces are essential, so expect your budget to increase with each addition you need.

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