Best Time Of Year To Do a Roof Replacement In Tampa, FL

01 what is the best time to have your roof replaced in tampa

Without a high-quality roof replacement job, your home will be exposed to the elements, creating an uncomfortable living environment. While finding expert roofers is essential to a good replacement, the season in which you schedule your roof work also affects the project’s results. Working with a reliable contractor to find the right season for your roof replacement will help you get the best possible results for your investment and a better-looking home.

You invest a lot into a roof replacement — you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Scheduling your roof replacement around Tampa’s seasons will help you find ideal conditions for the job and help reduce your stress. With roof work happening during the nicest seasons, you can reduce your chances of damages and delays. 

The Best Season for Roof Replacement in Tampa

The best season for roof replacement in Florida is the dry season — spring or winter. Scheduling roof work during Florida’s dry season reduces the chance of precipitation and makes it more likely that the weather will be nice for roofing.

Spring and winter tend to have milder temperatures, and it’s safer for roof work to occur in these conditions. While Florida has fewer seasonal variations than other states, you still want to pick a season with the fewest challenges for successful roofing.

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How Can Weather Affect Roof Replacement?

Both the weather and time of year can affect the success and speed of a roofing project. Severe Florida weather, like hurricanes, can damage roofs and make working conditions unsafe for roofers. While roof installation can occur in high and low temperatures, anything above 85 and below 40 degrees Fahrenheit can put roofers at risk.

Working in uncomfortable temperatures can lead to injury, and many roofing companies will avoid roofing during these conditions to protect their teams. Additionally, asphalt shingles won’t adhere properly in too-cold conditions and can become too soft in high heat.

The better the weather conditions, the safer and more successful your roofing installation will be. Tampa’s weather is nice enough that roof replacements can happen year-round. However, the chance of hurricanes and high temperatures during the wet season can create delays. If your roof replacement is less urgent, this might not be an issue, but getting ahead of your replacement before it’s too late and scheduling it for a clearer season can help your replacement go more smoothly.

What Time of Year Should You Get Your Roof Replaced in Tampa?

While you can get your roof replaced any season in Tampa, picking the right season will help improve the installation’s longevity, durability and success. Tampa stays warmer than most places, but high heat, heavy rain and wind can interfere with roofing. You’ll need to pick a season with good conditions that fit your schedule for the most successful roofing job.

Tampa technically only has two seasons — wet and dry. Because it’s a subtropical climate, its seasons are broken up by rainfall. The wet season contains the hottest parts of the year and some milder fall-like conditions. The dry season spans November to May, with a cooler, winter-like period in the middle for a couple of months.

We’ve broken the following sections into the traditional four months, as there are smaller spring and fall periods in Tampa with in-between temperatures and weather.


Spring is short, but it’s one of the best times to get your roof replaced in Tampa. It usually has the least extreme temperatures, which helps ensure roof integrity during installation and keeps roofers safe while they work.

Additionally, the short spring period is a little warmer than winter, so there’s no risk of projects halting due to the cold. Spring happens during the dry season in Tampa — hurricanes are rare in spring, and the lack of rainfall means roofing projects have little weather interference to worry about.

The main con of scheduling a spring job is the short window. There’s a partial spring in Tampa, and you can easily end up with a roofing job in early summer. However, the early summer wet season isn’t hurricane season, so you’ll still avoid the riskiest period if you schedule your job for spring.

Can a Roof Be Replaced In The Winter?

Tampa doesn’t have a traditional winter. Instead, it has a cool season that lasts for three months. With cool but not freezing temperatures and little rain, winter is also an excellent season for roof replacements in Tampa. Tampa’s overall more moderate weather makes it a good location for year-round replacements. Still, the cooler conditions and dry spells make the dry seasons better than summer for roof work. 

The only downside to a winter replacement is the potentially cold temperatures. While it’s rare, Tampa can get down to below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. If this happens, your replacement will likely be rescheduled — the cold will affect asphalt shingle installation.


Fall occurs during the wet season in Tampa, but it’s slightly cooler than the summer. You can schedule roofing projects during this period, and you should have no issues completing your replacement. Fall is short, but it’s better for roof replacements than the height of summer.

Hurricane season cuts into Tampa’s fall, but scheduling your roof replacement for the end of fall toward the beginning of winter means you can avoid this. Fall occurs during the wet season, so be prepared for rain or hurricanes to cause some rescheduling.


Summer is a less-preferable roof replacement season, although you can still schedule room replacements during this time. Summers in Tampa are extremely hot and humid, making roofing potentially unsafe. If the temperature is too hot, the shingles can soften, and roofers might be unwilling to work.

Additionally, it’s hurricane season, so you’ll need to watch out for tropical storms and severe weather, as these instances can damage your existing roof and prevent replacement jobs. These conditions make roof replacement difficult — if you’re scheduling a summer roof replacement, you could have to reschedule.

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Year-Round Roof Replacements From Coldstream Exteriors

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